* Successfully fought the proposed county-wide building permit during my first month in office

* Co-sponsor of ordinance that created the Bryant Collector and Assessor's offices

* Co-sponsored county night-time juvenile curfew

* Ridden in the field with the sheriff's deputies and sat with our 9-1-1 dispatchers to see the circumstances they face daily

* Started process to have turning lanes added to the Hwy 167 widening project

* Served on the following Quorum Court Committees: Public Works, Long-Range Planning, Jail, Airport, Library, Fair, Planning, and Road and Bridge

* Worked with the East End Community Justice Council to start and promote community crime watch programs in our neighborhoods

* Fought successfully to keep our polling places and voting precincts from being drastically changed

* Obtained more uniform speed limits on our main roads in East End.

* Supported the construction of new Saline County Jail. The new jail opened January 2007.

* Assisted with the establishment of the "Keep Saline Clean" anti-litter program

* Made sure that our county employees' voices were heard when they said that they wanted to keep the current health insurance plan instead of changing to another insurance carrier

* Sponsored resolution supporting the current state statutes and the effort for a state and federal marriage ammendment to keep traditional marriage between one man and one woman. This was passed in the June 2004 regular Quorum Court meeting with unanimous co-sponsorship.

* Fully supported the weather alert radio distribution program to provide each household in Saline County with a weather alert radio.  The weather alert radio distributions ended when we converted to the Code Red weather alert system.

* Listened to your concerns to help defeat the proposed daytime juvenile curfew in 2010.

* Working with other county officials to establish a county-wide animal control program.

* Acting as an advocate for my constituents with the County Judge's Office and the Saline County Road Department to have various road improvement projects completed within my district.

* Sponsored ordinance for Saline County to begin using the Code Red weather/emergency alert system June 2012.  Since then we have switched to using Everbridge to provide weather alerts for Saline County.

* Consulted with former Saline County Judge Lanny Fite to have trees removed at the intersection of East End Road and Springlake Road, giving much greater visibility for everyone traveling through that intersection.

* Promoting the "Megasite" along Interstate 5-30 to attract industry and jobs to our area.

*Brought early voting to East End with the help of Saline County Clerk Doug Curtis.

*Acting as an advocate for you concerning any road issues, forwarding any road concerns to the county judge and the road department.


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