Justice of the Peace, District #1


I am the current Justice of the Peace in District # 1 of Saline County. My district includes all of the East End community and the eastern part of the Sardis community. I am currently in my 10th term in office after being re-elected in the November 2016 election. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you as your representative on the Saline County Quorum Court and am very greatful that you decided to allow me to serve you for another 2 years.

Although being able to perform weddings is what some people think of first when I mention that I'm a J.P. it is the smallest part of my job. There is a lot to my job that you may not know about.

The Justices of the Peace make up the county Quorum Court. The quorum court sets the yearly county budget and makes the county laws. The quorum court is the legislative body of the county government. The 13 J.P.'s meet at least once a month as a body to decide issues affecting the people of Saline County. The quorum court can issue franchise and property taxes up to a maximum of 5 mills, but has no authority to issue general sales and use taxes; those are left up to a vote of the people.

I do perform an occasional wedding and Notary services by appointment.

Also, we do appropriate money to the Saline County Road Department, and vote to add roads to the county road system for the county to maintain. Although I gladly relay all road concerns to the road department, Saline County Judge Jeff Arey is in charge of the road department and overseeing the maintenance of the roads.


"Still Working for a better Saline County"

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